GeoProbe Services

GeoProbe Services:

  • Soil gas surveys
  • Sub-surface investigations
  • Temporary monitoring well installation/and remediation by chemical injection 
  • Direct push services

Ground Water Monitoring and Remediation

Ground Water Monitoring and Remediation - New Jersey -Certified for Low Flow Ground Water
Monitoring, Specializing in large, Industrial contaminated sites to small, petroleum contaminated

Wetland Delineation

VNE conducts wetland delineation in accordance with the US Army Corps regional versions of their wetland delineation manuals and generates wetland delineation reports in accordance with local, state and federal agencies

Residential Heating Oil Issues

VNE provide efficient professional approach for regulators, insurance companies and homeowners.

Heating oils spills in you home can cause finacial  and emotional hardships to the homeowner.
VNE has the experience with regulators, insurance companies and home owners to deal with such a problem.

  • Evaluation of soill and ground water for contamination.
  • Advisment of state regulatory requirement.
  • Options and recommendations for remedial action.
  • Execution of oil containment clean up and, or oversight of cleanup effort.
  • Direct contact with homeowners insurance company.

Ecological Services

  • Stream and Surface water monitoring.
  • Soil and sediment sampling.
  • Stream flow studie.
  • Macroinvertebrates studies.
  • Seep meter samplings.
  • Fish surveys (Fish shocking).
  • Phytoremediation services.
  • Hazardous waste/landfill maintenance

Environmental Site Assessment

Performs Environmental Site Assessments for commercial real estate transactions.

Phase 1:

  • Initial site investigation to identify potential environmental hazards.

Phase 2/3

  • Conducts investigations of enviromental issues identified during phase 1 and recommends appropriate solutions.